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Dear HAMs of the world!

My name is Siegfried. I was born 1939 in the former german province of Ostpreußen, from which my family was banished after the war. After the banishment from my homeland I live in the former communist part of germany until 1951. At this time my family moved to western germany.

Very early I got fascinated of being a radio amateur and with the age of 12 I leaned the morse alphabet.

I am QRV on 80m and 40m with two seperate inverted vee antennas, and for 20m, 15m and 10m I use 4-element quibical quad with 10m boom length. The height from the ground to the boom is 20 meters. To rotate the quad I do not use a normal antenna motor.

The entire aerial mast is rotated including the fixed mounted quad by a bevel wheel of a truck engine and a bevel gear motor at the lower end of the mast .

The aerial mast is a very complex mechanical construction build according to the draft of DJ6QP which I refined in detail. The static calculations were done by DJ8FA. This project was done only three times in germany.

The aerial mast consists of tube with diffenrent thickness and is free-standing. The device to tilt the mast is 4,50 meters above the ground where the mast is hinged to. The tilting of the mast is done by an electricity powered cable winch. The fundament consists of six cubic meters of concrete.

During the construction time I had about forty helpers who helped me to build the mast, to gather the material, to construct components. From these forty helpers about twenty were radio amateurs.

The construction of the antenna itself was done on my own. Solely for the alignment I needed help. Since 1984 the antenna is in operation now. Especially in CW I have achieved good DX results.

Vy 73 de Siegfried, DJ4QG

On June 7th , 1958, I took my licence exam and on June 16th ,1958, I received the licence with the callsing of DJ4QG.

So I look back on more than half a century of radio amateur history now. My favorite mode of operatin is morse telegraphy on short wave.

My radio station for short wave is a Kenwood TS 950 SD with the linear amplifier Drake L4B. On higher frequencies I operate an ICOM IC 970H with all options.